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Postal History of Japan

Japan - Uozaki

Cover sent from Uozaki, Kobe (04.01.18) Red Meter Franking

RMF - International, RMF - USA, U.S.A


USA - Pitneybowes

Digital stamp with unframed eagle or eagle wing ornament.  These RMF using Pitney Bowes “Connect +” digital series. Sent from ZIP 60053 at Sep 8, 2017.


Pitney Bowes “Connect +” digital series firt used in 2010. The eagle with straight wing and “U.S. POSTAGE >> PITNEY BOWES” across the top. Large 2D “Datamatrix” barcode at left. Identification number with 02 1W04 1W over 00013/ 00014, 04 1W, and 02 4W over 00003. V/F: MeterCat 5 spaces.jpg$000.00o

The Connect+ system can print a path completely across the top of an envelope including the return address, slogan, and whatever, as well as the frank, and in multiple colors.

Canada, Negara, RMF - International

RMF – Canada – EA1. Pitney Bowes “Model R” (MV), 1940. – Military Stamp

Canada -

Canadian A.P.O 5050, 31 August 1959

EA1. Pitney Bowes “Model R” (MV), 1940. Stamp without complete outer border. “CANADA” arched above value figures. Maple leaves at center and surrounding top of TM. “METER/ COMPTEUR” next to “P.B” above M#. “POSTES” vertical at left and “POSTAGE” vertical at right of the value figures. Value figures lowered in relation to date figures. TM: SC V/F: *00. Its Military stamp “CANADIAN A.P.O. number 5050.