Parcel Card Swiss

Allschwill (Swiss) to Jakarta Barat (Indonesia).

Switzerland - 1988 - Parcel Card - 10 Euro

Parcel from Bron Elektronik AG, Allschwill Basel, Swiss. Send to Jakarta Barat, Indonesia. Posted at 4123 Allschwill Post Office on 14 December 1988. Transfer to Zurich Airport, for sorting at 8058 Zurich 58 Flughafen as International Mail and Parcel processing centre.

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Berne, Switzerland

Switzerland - Berne

Berne is the capital of Switzerland, a diverse and beautiful city! Berne is a medieval city founded in 1191, on and around the River Aare. Berne has quite a few attractions and historic sites, as well as an active cultural life. It is here that Albert Einstein worked, the Toblerone chocolate bar is made, and Emmental cheese, known as Swiss Cheese, reached out to the world. Continue reading “Berne, Switzerland”