Postal History of Canada

Hand Cancellation

Lantzville BC. (2018-08-8)
Lantzville BC. (2018-08-8)

Ink Jet Cancellation

Inkjet spray-on printers were introduced by Canada Post in 1992 to cancel mail processed by Optical Character Readers (OCRs) and more advanced Multiline Optical Character Reader machines (MLOCRs). MLORCs have been installed at centralized mechanized mail processing facilities nation-wide.

MLOCRs are machines that recognize handwritten or printed addresses, print appropriate barcodes onto envelopes, and then use the information in the barcodes to sort mail into stacks. The Winnipeg Plant which opened on  June 4, 2010 has six MLOCRs, each capable of sorting  40,000 letters per hour.

Each MLORC machine in operation has been assigned a specific number which has been usually included in the ink-jet cancellation.

The first jet spray cancels consisted of a single line.

0508 - CANADA
Postcard sent from Mail Processing Plant Montreal (H4T), machine number 3878. (08 May 2018)


Kode Mail Processing Plant
A1B St. John’s, NL
B3K Halifax, NS
E2L Saint John, NB
G2C Quebec, QC
H4T Montreal, QC
K1A Ottawa, ON
L4W Toronto Gateway East & West, ON
M4L Toronto Gateway South, ON
I8E Hamilton, ON
N2E Kitchener, ON
N5Y London, ON
N8W Windsor, ON
P7B Thunder Bay, ON
R3H Winnipeg, MB
S4P Regina, SK
S7K Saskatoon, SK
T2E Calgary, AB
T5L Edmonton
V6B Vancouver, BC
V8Z Victoria, BC


Postcard sent from Calgary AB Mail Processing Plant (T2E) from machine number 3929.



Postage Paid

Canada - PP 2018


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