1950 - Present, Indonesia, Prangko

Indonesia – Thailand


Minisheet 3D Hologram

Diplomatic relation between Indonesia and Thailand held since March 7, 1950. The Cooperation between the two countries took place in various fields suchs as economy, trade, science and technology. This relationship is further extended by the exchange of visits between leaders of the two countries.

In the political field, Indonesia and Thailand as ASEAN founding countries. Both of them help each other and support conflict resolution efforts with neighboring countries in the ASEAN region. When a dispute over the Preah Vihear temple between Thailand and Cambodia at the end of 2009, the Thai  government asked the Indonesian government to help resolve the issue.

In economics, economics adviser at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, Somjai Taphaopong, said Indonesia is the second largest trade partner country in Asia after Malaysia and fifth in the world. Thailand exporting various products to Indonesia, among others, component and parts, sugar, machinery and chemical. While imports from Indonesia include metal goods,  coal, crude oil, machinery and chemicals.

Indonesia and Thailand also cooperate in the field of tourism, as in the two countries have a potential to attract tourism as well as a major tourist destination in the world offering tousrist areas such as nature tourism, conventions, shopping, culinary and history.

Thailand and Indonesia also cooperate in the field of mass media in effort to promote and enhance bilateral relations.

According to many literatures, the actual relationship between Indonesia and Thailand has been started since the 8th century, especially at the top of glory of Sriwijayain Kingdom in South Sumatra. The discovery of Budhist temples of Sriwijaya in Chaiya, a city in the province of Surat Thani, southern Thailand. These become one of many evidences of the relationship.

King Rama V Chulalongkorn, recorded made several visits to Indonesia especially in Java Island. He was very interested in the culture of Indonesia. One of his visit, he bring bronze elephant statue as a souvenir. The Elephant statue was placed at the front yard of the National Museum in Jakarta. Thus make the museum wellknown as Museum Gajah (Elephant).

Join issue of stamp between Indonesia and Thailand intended to mark the good relation between the two countries. May 5, 2016 was pointed as to mark of 120 years anniversary of visit King Chulalongkorn to Indonesia, which held at May 5, 1896. To released of these issue, Pos Indonesia and The Embassy of Thailand held ceremony at Museum Gajah on May 10 2016.

The set of stamp of JIS Indonesia – Thailand consist of two stamps, show The Ramayana tale in Indonesia and Thailand puppetery. The denomination are Rp.8000,- with die cut perforation and offset printing process. Using security sticker paper. One of minisheet are consist of 2 set of stamp which printed only 20.000 set. The mini sheet or souvenir sheet of these stamps are printed in 3D Hologram, which number of printing only 3.000 pieces. The denominations of these stamps are Rp. 18.000,-. First Day Cover (FDC) are available, designed by Mr. Tata Sugiarta (Philately Manager of Pos Indonesia) which price are Rp.19.000,- and printing only 3000 covers.


Set of stamps


First Day of Cancellation


A cover sent at first day issued with postmark – FILATELI JAKARTA 1 – 05.05.16-10. Thanks to Mr. Yusup A Ridwan.


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