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National Postcard Week 2015

Traveling The Postcard Life. Postcard by Demaris Swint, Alamo Texas. 2015

Traveling The Postcard Life. Postcard by Demaris Swint, Alamo Texas. 2015

National Postcard Week (NPCW) is a week dedicated to the celebration of Deltiology, the study of postcards, as a promotion to encourage and popularize the collecting, publishing and mailing of picture postcards.

Collectors commission art from a variety of artists, using a different theme each year. They create designs using special events and anniversaries. Others repeat the same theme year after year with various designs. Collectors are looking for novel ways to better their work from previous years.

National Postcard Week had it’s beginnings in 1911 when a few postcards were printed for Postcard Day, May 1. Using slogans like: ‘come to Tamps from the Tampa Bay Land Company and the First of May is Postcard Day by the Courier-Informant, a booster for Barlow, Florida.

1913 postcard black and white view of San Diego, California with this message on the reverse: 1913 Preparations for the International Exposition of progress and Opportunity to be held in San Diego, California, through the entire year of 1915 have been under way for two years and work on the buildings and grounds is now more than fifty percent completes…. The State Societies of the San Diego send you this card of their Postcard Day and hundreds of thousands of similar cards go to all parts of the world.

1914 Hillsboro, Texas, celebrated a Postcard Day on February 7th. It is said that 20,000 post cards advertising Hillsboro were sent out to all quarters of the Globe.

Hutchinson, Kansas also celebrated a post card day.

National Postcard Week was also suggested in 1930’s by the Postcard Collectors Club of America.

In July 9-15, 1950 a hand cancel on a Curt Teich Art Colortone on a linen postcard shows someone was trying to begin a NPCW.

In the 1970’s John McClintock received many suggestions for the celebration.

Ann Rusnak and Louise Northum sent World Postcard Day postcards in the Early 80’s.

Our current National Postcard Week began in 1984 with the idea that the International Federation of Postcard Dealers and different clubs would make a postcard to celebrate the postcard and promote their hobby.

To celebrate the week, postcard collectors either design and make their own postcards or purchase them to mail to friends and family. Always being sure the words National Post Card Week and the date are on the Postcard. This year the dates are May 6-12, 2012.

NPCW began as a way for sellers and collectors to promote the hobby of postcard collecting.

Some of those Pioneers were DeeDee Parker of Western Reserve Post Card Society, John McClintock, Roy Cox and Richard Novick. An excerpt from the IFPD Newsletter of March 1, 1983 written by John McClintock. ” For the past year we have been working on a Postcard Day, Week or Month to help promote the hobby/business. DeeDee Parker graciously accepted the task of correlating the thoughts of the postcard collectors/dealers in the matter. It seems the majority wishes to have a Postcard Week and that it be held the First full week of May. This will be a lot of fun and insure perpetuation of the hobby in the future.

Excerpt from The Postcard Dealer & Collector Volume VII No. 1 Feb/Mar 1984 issue

May 6-12, 1984, as the first National Postcard Week commemorates 91 years of the availability of American picture postcards. The actual opening of the World’s Colombian Exposition was in May 1893 and was held in Chicago. At this event, the first American made postcards were available to the public.

In May, 1985 The Milwaukee Post Card Collectors Club placed a large sign on the side of the City Hall to publicize NPCW.

A giant 28 x 40 inch postcard was drawn by Norm Ramsey depicting the Cedar Rapids skyline and Five Seasons Logo. On May 7 this card was presented to Mayor Canney by then President, Peter McCormick, of the Cedar Rapids Postcard Club.

Governor Richard F. Celeste issued a proclamation stating May 1-7, 1983 as “National Post Card Week” in the State of Ohio.

A copy of a suggested letter to the Mayor follows this article.

In 1984 Govenor Charles S. Robb of the Commonwealth of Virginia officially recognized National Postcard Week.

At the instigation of Thelma Morris Jimmy L. Young, Sr. Mayor of Dalton, Georgia on April 14, 1984 proclaimed May 6-12, 1984 as National Postcard Week.

In 1985 Postcard Collector Magazine sponsored a Postcard Design contest for 1985. The winning designers won $50 and 500 postcards.

Thelma Morris, according to a letter from Ann Rusnak was the very first person to issue a postcard commemorating NPCW 1984. That same year in the United Kingdom June 16-24 was declared NPCW.

These year, held at May 3-9 2015.

The Sleeping Paraque

Cucumber Water Receipe. Postcard by Demaris Swint, Alamo TX. 2015

552 553

The Sleeping Paraque.

The Sleeping Paraque.


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