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Shakespeare’s Birthplace, England

United Kingdom - Shakespeares Birthplace

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE was born at Stratford-on-Avon, in a house under the tiles of which was concealed a confession of the Catholic faith beginning with these words, “I, John Shakespeare.” John was the father of William.

The house, situated in Henley Street, was humble; the chamber in which Shakespeare came into the world, wretched: the walls were whitewashed, the black rafters laid crosswise; at the farther end was a tolerably large window with two small panes, where you may read today, among other names, that of Walter Scott. This poor dwelling sheltered a decayed family.

The father of William Shakespeare had been an alderman; his grandfather had been a bailiff. Shakespeare signifies “shake-spear;” the family had for a coat-of-arms an arm holding a spear,–allusive arms, confirmed, they say, by Queen Elizabeth in 1595, and visible, at the time we write, on Shakespeare’s tomb in the church of Stratford-on-Avon.

There is little agreement about the orthography of the word Shakespeare as a family name; it is written variously,–Shakspere, Shakespere, Shakespeare, Shakspeare: in the eighteenth century it was habitually written Shakespeare. The present translator has adopted the spelling “Shakespeare” as the only true one, and gives for it unanswerable reasons.

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