Australia, Kartu Pos, Negara


Australia comparing with others countries.

Australia comparing with others countries.

My Friend, Dwi Nita sent me these postcard while she attendance Melbourne 2013, The World Stamp Expo – 10 – 15 May 2013.  The Impression of these postcard are show us how big Australia as an continental country. Compared with some countries, Australia are greater one. Land mass about 7,692,024 km2, or 32 times larger than the United Kingdom, population are 22,421,647 or less than 10% of Indonesian population with density are 2.9 people per square kilometre, more rapid are Kangaroo, with population are 50 million or 6.5 kangaroo per km square.

Australia - Map - back

Little bite info, population and land, squared with Kangaroos.

MY - 253995

Australia, Land of contrast. Postcard by Visit Gallery –, V16375 12SZ024. Postcrossing ID : MY- 253995

Australia Land of Contrast.

Australia is the only country in the world to occupy a single continent. It is a land of contrasts containing many different climates with unique flora and fauna found nowhere else on Earth. The climate in Australia is varied and ranges from tropical to sub alpine. Australia is a continent with an incredible variety of flora and  fauna. From the oceans to the mountains one can witness sights and sounds,which cannot be observed anywhere else on Earth.


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