China, Kartu Pos, Negara

Giant Budha Statue, Leshan

Giant Budha Statue at Mt Eshim, Leshan,

Giant Budha Statue at Mt Emei Shan, Leshan as UNESCO WHS #779

The Giant Buddha (Da Fo) of Leshan measures 71 m high overall, which makes it the largest statue of the Buddha in the world.

The building project was begun in 713 AD, engineered by a monk called Haitong who came up with an idea to curb the rough waters below the sandstone cliffs of Lingyun Shan. He wanted to fill in the shoals with rubble produced by carving out a giant Buddha image. It took 90 years to finish this project.

The statue has undergone a large amount of weathering over the years, and has had many “face lifts” and repairs added, including a water drainage system hidden on the inside. Nevertheless, there is still a great deal of erosion, and officials are worried about possible collapse.

These card shows a small budha statue under the hand of Giant Budha statue. The giant Budha figure occupies the entire hillside and this small one, holding the giant’s hand for about 14.000 years.

Mt. Emei Shan became a sacred Buddhist site following the sixth-century visit of Bodhisattva Puxian and his six-tusked elephant. Here Buddhism first became established on Chinese territory and from where it spread widely throughout the east.

Covering Emei Shan is a sub-tropical forest with many endemic and endangered plants. They include orchids, primulas, rhododendrons, camellias, ginkgos, cycads and tree ferns. The mountain is frequently covered in dense cloud, with associated high rainfall and humidity.

(29.27 N – 29.72 N, 103.17 E – 103.62 E)

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