Finland, Kartu Pos, Negara

Fiskars, Finland

Finland - Fiskars

Terve !. This Summer, I’m touring my own country during vacation (4 weeks long). I am currently in Fiskars, where orginally in 17 th century a mill and later a machinery were set up. Pictured are very typical Finnish houses, painted with red soil paint to keep moisture away. These were built in 1820s for the workers in the machinery. Today, you might have heard of Fiskars, becouse the machinery makes the best scissors in the wolrd, with orange handles.  Terveisin,  (Jenny)

Fiskars is a village in the town of Raseborg in western Uusimaa, Finland. The village is the site of the former Fiskars Bruk, which was founded in 1646 and gave rise to the company Fiskars. The most notable attraction of Fiskars is a mansion designed in 1818 by Charles Bassi. The village, which has less than 1000 inhabitants, is a popular tourist destination in summer, and hosts an artisan and artist community. The river Fiskarsinjoki has contributed to the industrialisation of the village.


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