Kartu Pos, Negara, Vietnam

Greetings from Vietnam

Vietnam - Daily Life

” Selling Pot” – Daily Life in Vietnam, Photo by Quang Minh, Direct Swap. Post dated 10.03.2018.

Dear Lukman,

I have been to many countries, including Indonesia, but I have never encountered people who could load so much upon their motorcycles and bicycles.

In Vietnam, motorcycles and bicycles play the same role that cars do in other places. It is not uncommon to see six people all on one motorbike over here.

Warmest greetings from Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam - Traffic Jam

Traffic in Vietnam is chaotic. Traffic accidents occur frequently. The most common victims are motorbike riders and pedestrians. At least 30 people die each day from transportation-related injuries and many more are injured, often with traumatic head injuries.

Traffic accident injuries are the leading cause of death, severe injury, and emergency evacuation of foreigners in Vietnam. Traffic accidents, including those involving a pedestrian and a motorized vehicle, are the single greatest health and safety risk you will face in Vietnam.


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