Five Monkeys in Bali

Kartupos dari Bogor (08 September 2014) ke Jakarta. Terima kasih, Dini Probojati, Bogor.

Kartupos dari Bogor (08 September 2014) ke Jakarta. Terima kasih, Dini Probojati, Bogor.

Five Monkeys merupakan restoran cepat saji dengan menu utama adalah Burger. Berasal dari Bali, kini telah membuka cabang di Jakarta pula. 

Five Monkeys has become the go-to burger joint in Legian for its generously sized burgers, soft homemade buns and luscious honey barbeque sauce. Centrally located, it is a great break away from boutique shopping along Jalan Legian, with its excellent selection of local and international beers.

The menu is simple, offering a choice of tasty burgers and hotdogs and refreshing drinks throughout the day – all prepared in an open kitchen. You can enjoy your meals outside on a shaded counter or within the air-conditioned interior featuring retro Coca-Cola and beer ads on its walls.

The Five Monkeys bar is hard to miss on Jalan Legian, just beside Nero and slightly across the road from Mama’s German Restaurant and the striking Rip Curl surf outlet. Alongside some of Legian’s favourite fashion stores, it’s ideal for those looking for a quick but filling bite. If your hotel isn’t nearby, taxis readily drop you off once you spot the brown-and-orange bar with its large glass windows.

The large menu is straightforward; you have a selection of six homemade burgers made from fresh beef, fish or chicken patties, all served with the bar’s signature sauce and your selection of sides, namely French fries, curly fries and onion rings.

The drinks menu has a selection of soft drinks and milkshakes if you’re not really into beer. Behind the menu boards is a suspended pile of boxes bearing the different international brands on offer, from Heineken, Erdinger, Carlsberg, Corona, San Miguel, to the local favourite Bintang (Heineken’s star logo and pilsner formula offshoot), alongside other brands of stout.

The servings are far larger than your regular Big Mac or Whopper, but in a similar price range. The prime offering is the barbecue bacon cheeseburger, which comes with a thick and well-rounded beef patty stacked with a soft layer of cheddar, bacon, onion rings, and the juicy honey barbecue sauce in between two soft, bulbous buns. The cheeseburger comes with a medium well-done beef patty with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions and the special sauce. Not enough? Go for the ‘double’. Other options on the lighter side include chicken, fish and the moderately sized beef burger.

Seating options include at the counter on tall stools, bar-style, where you can view your burgers being prepared in the open kitchen and even chat with the friendly staff. You can also pick a spot among the colourful recycled-wood tables that add to the quirkiness of this joint. On the walls are framed posters of rock bands and graphic artwork with parodies on 60s magazine ads and famous paintings, such as Mona Lisa holding a cigar and a little sign that reads, ‘There will be a $500 charge for whining’.

For those who wish to stay a bit longer, further distraction comes in the form of a large LED TV showing live international sport feeds. You can also opt for the shaded alfresco counters at the front where you can enjoy watching the world go by.

Enggak salah setiap kali ke Bali nginepnya disekitar Legian. Yup saya sih segaja memilih daerah legian karena daerah ini termasuk daerah yang paling banyak kuliner terkenal seperti five monkey ini. Resto five monkey inilah yang saya coba jajal kemampuannya menyajikan burger yang terkenal. Tempatnya cukup nyaman dan sederhana. Ruangannya berbentuk memanjang dan menyerupai mini bar gitu. Tempat duduk dari kayu memberi kesan tradisional bali. Kita bisa juga melihat secara langsung bebe.. (Jems, 13 Desember 2013 di

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