National Communications Day 2013, Thailand

Thailand - 2013 National Communication Day

This issue is a regular fixture in the Thailand Post calendar each year. It commemorates National Communications Day: a seemingly simple event, but a day that celebrates a very significant event: the day that the first Thai stamps were issued for public use: 4th August 1883.

2013 is also the 130th anniversary of the first issue, and Thailand Post issued another stamp on the same day to commemorate that specific anniversary.

Despite its historic connections, the National Communications Day issue reflects the most modern aspects of communication. It often features mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, and this year it also features a QR code. You can read the QR code directly using your smart phone, or by uploading an image of the QR code to an online decoder on your computer. The QR code on this stamp reveals a link to the Thailand Post website: The stamp also carries a lucky draw scratch-off panel, like you might see on a lottery ticket.

Unusually for Thai stamps, but to reflect modern communication methods, the stamp is self-adhesive.


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