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National Identity

National Identity is the identity that distinguishes a nation from others. Indonesia national identity is formed from historical experience in achieving its goals to build the nation. As stated in the Preamble of the 1945 Constitution, these ideals are to manifest independent, united sovereign, just and prosperous life.

National Identity

Indonesia cultural diversity as a blessing as well as national richness. History shows that the tribes who inhabit this archipelago with their respective cultures have interacted with each other long ago. The vision of youth come from these various tribes led to the oath to become a nation in 1928 and delivered to the national independence if Indonesia in 1945.

Currently, crystallization of national identity in their basic values that have become final consensus, namely Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, Unity in Diversity spirit and unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia, is the capital of Indonesia national resilience in facing current global influence. Reinforced with a cultural approach in national development, all of these are believed to foster tolerance and understanding on every Indonesian. In turn, this will foster unity and national pride.

Product Code : 122113

Price : Rp.9500

Quantity : 4,000 ocs

Designer : Tata Suharta

Date of Issuance : 1 October 2012

First Released : 09 October 2012

Selling Periode : 1 October 2012 – 31 December 2015

Validity for Postage Period :  1 October 2012 – 31 December 2017


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