PON XIII 1993, Jakarta

PON XIII 1993, Jakarta

In the frame work of the holding of Thirteenth Nasional Sport Week which held in Jakarta, from 9 up to 20 September 1993, The Directorate General of Post and Telecomunications of The Republic Indonesia issues a series will commemorative stamps and souvenir sheet while the Public Corporation for Posts and Giro issues First Day Cover.

1993 - 9 - PON XIII Jakarta 1993

1993 – 9 – PON XIII Jakarta 1993

Thera are four design, denomination Rp. 150,- (Swimming), Rp.300,- (Bicycling), Rp.700,- (Thirteenth National Sport Week mascot) and Rp.1000,- (High Jump). Issued at September 9,1993. Quantity issued  2.000.000 pieces for each denomination, except Rp.1000,- are 1.000.000,- pieces.  Designer are Triadi Margono, Desmal and Drs. Soeripto.

Souvenir sheet with price Rp.3.500,- quantity issued are 40.000 sheets with designer are Agus Sularso. Price of Firts Day Cover  are Rp.2.900,- with quantity are 25.000 sheets. Designer Tata Sugiarta (Studio Olah Komunikasi – Bandung).


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