Traditional Dances (Indonesian Art and Culture ) # 2

1993 - 14 - Tarian Daerah seri 2 ( Kebudayaan Indonesia 1993)

1993 – 14 – Traditional Dances # 2 ( Indonesian Art and Culture  1993)

Traditional Dances  (Indonesian Art and Culture  1993) # 2 – 1993

Indonesia has various kinds dances, among them are from Sumatra, Kalimantan and Irian Jaya. In the frame of introducing the Indonesian art and culture, The Directorate General of Posts and Telecomunications issues series of special stamps and souvenir sheet, while the Public Corporation for Posts and Giro issues Firts Day Cover.Stamps Denominations are Rp 300,- depicting Gending Sriwijaya dance of South Sumatra, Rp 700.- depicting Tempayan dance of West Kalimantan and Rp. 1000,- depicting Tifa dance of Irian Jaya.  Issued at December 22, 1993. Stamps designer are Endro Jatmiko, Triadi Margono from PERUM PERURI.  Souvenir Sheet with denomination Rp.3 500,- are design by Endro Jatmiko (PERURI) with quantity issued are 40.000 sheets.

Price of Firts Day Cover are Rp.2750,-  Design by Anwar Firdaus from Studio Olah Komunikasi, Bandung. Quantity issued are 25.000 pieces.


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